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Following Petopia protocol, our styling area is sanitised meticulously on a regular basis. Only UVB-ray sterilised tools and disinfected towels are used on our guests, be it canine, feline or other small animals.

To help your companion feel more comfortable at Petopia, we will assign the same Dog Groomers Singapore to take care of him or her at every visit to build trust, familiarity and understanding. Being styled is in many ways a stressful affair for your companion. To minimise their discomfort, we urge you to make your appointments well and early to reduce waiting time. While we endeavour to minimise waiting time, it is important that we also do not compromise on the care and attention given to each of our guests.

Shampoo Range

In addition to loving animals, Petopia also loves the environment and will only use gentle products that are free from harsh detergents, Sodium Laurel Sulphate (SLS) [or its derivatives Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES), Cocamide DEA [diethanolime (DEA)], Cocamide MEA [monoethanolamine (MEA)], Lauamide MEA, triethanolamine (TEA) , Propylene Glycol, phosphate and nitrate compounds, artificial colours, glitter (mica) and synthetic perfumes.

Coat Mists

Containing pure aromatherapy essential oils, certified organic hydrosols and botanical infusions, our coat mists are gentle and non-drying. They are also colourless and free from synthetic fragrances, paraffin and lanolin.

Full Style Sessions

Your pet will enjoy the following services during a full style session:
- Preparatory brush-out (not inclusive of de-matting or undercoat removal)
- Ears cleaned and hair removed (if required)
- Nails clipped
- Sanitary clip if required by breed (under belly and around butt region)
- Shampooing and coat conditioning
- Scissor-finished style, or de-shedding/ final brush-out

In addition to the standard styling rate, a premium may be billed for excessive amounts of de-matting or undercoat removal, dirt or grease, parasites, shape of coat, and visitor temperament.

From first-grade dietary and nutritional products, grooming accessories and styling services to customised spa treatments, expert consultation, playtime, day care, hotel services and even enrichment workshops, we offer an all-encompassing suite of services to help you and your companion enjoy a more fulfilling life together.

Effective Cleansing Programme (ECP)

8 shampoo or microbubbling sessions at package prices. Please inquire instore for prices. Highly suitable for dogs with skin problems. Recommended for dogs undergoing a Cleansing Therapy Programme with Nutritional Therapy.
Package validity: All sessions are to be completed within 12 weeks.

Very Important Pooch (V.I.P.) Maintenance Programme

This programme is ideal for exceptionally furry pets requiring touch-ups between their regular full groom sessions. Costing half the price of a full groom session, it must be scheduled within four to six weeks from a full groom session. Such sessions must be booked and confirmed right after a current styling session.

Each session includes:
- Preparatory brush-out including reasonable removal of mat or undercoat removal
- Shampooing and coat conditioning
- Touch up of paw fur, hair on the face/snout, sanitary area
- Transportation is not included in the charges.




The Petopia experience starts from the moment your animal companion leaves home, even before they reach Petopia.

Not only will our animal guests be safely transported in well-ventilated steel cages, they will also travel in total comfort and hygiene in our animal transport vehicle specially retrofitted with a dedicated air conditioner in the rear compartment. The compartment comes complete with a heat insulating lining, ensuring a clean, tick-free and comfortable ride to Petopia Dog Groomers Singapore.

Transport services can be arranged with a transport fee top-up* regardless of location pickup and dropoff outside peak hours (before 9am and after 7pm everyday). *Rates available upon request.

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